☕ UbiMug

An over-connected, content-aware mug.

UbiMug is intended for use by everyone who loves coffe and cares about his health.

This little gadget-mug will of course, let you enjoy your prefered beaverage, but it will also helps it's users monitor their stress their sleep cycles among many other possibilities.

Let's take the example of workers at offices: the end-user can measure it's consumption of coffee, sugar and the amount of breaks he took in a journey.

By collecting informations like the current temperature of the beaverage inside the UbiMug, data concerning the positionning of the mug, acceleration data, sugar concentration and times of consumption, it will be able to provide accurate data in order to be used in many cases: doctors, therapists, psychologists, project managers or the “drinker” itself.

Temperature is gatherd by a precision temperature sensor in the base of the liquid container, which will provide accurate sensing of the temperature.

An accelerometer will sense the orientation of the mug; in other words, how it's used and how much coffee remains in the container.

Another voltage sensor will provide measurement about liquid conductivity: we can detect sugar concentration, presence of liquid, salt concentration and many other liquid-conductivity-related properties.