💊 TunPharma

A B2B and B2C app indexing pharmacies

Project Description

Tunpharma is probably one of the most useful Tunisian web and mobile applications ever made to date. Especially since it is the first of its kind, intended for the research of pharmacies and what is more, covering all the pharmacies of the Tunisian territory. It even includes updated duty pharmacies.

Compatible both iPhone and Android, it can find all pharmacies near your position. It locates pharmacies day, night and guard with their addresses, opening hours, phone numbers and access plans.

The app does not need all time access to the network, only the GPS function is activated to make it operational.

TunPharma offers its users many advantages and features:

  • Locate nearby service pharmacies

  • Find the nearest pharmacies

  • View results as lists

  • Get detailed information from each pharmacy: phone, address, opening hours ...

  • Call pharmacies directly via the app

  • See the best route from each pharmacy to get there

One of the main challenges was to acquire the data, unavailable and inaccurate at that time: we had to make a backend-app, hire few people to run across the country and locate, picture and build the database.

The database is so accurate that it was certified and used by the National Council of Pharmacists.

Since its launch TunPharma has been very successful and has been downloaded more than 60,000 times on iOS and Android.

Tunpharma has managed to win various prizes nationally and internationally: "Pro d'Or 2012" and "Africa Telecom People 2013".

Nominated for the Dubai Lynx 2013 - International Festival of Creativity

During the arab spring and the following days of the revolution, the app was widely used in Tunisia and Libya.