An E2E tightining process database


This project was part of a « Smart Factory » stream sponsored by the AIRBUS manufacturing team.
The automation of assembly line processes is one of the main areas of change in the factory of the future. Part of this trend is the progressive introduction of smart robots to perform repetitive tasks, freeing up employees to assume functions requiring a greater skill or more tasks.


One of the tools used in aircraft assembly lines is a torque wrench that torques rivets with the exact necessary force. AIRBUS made a new connected tool, that can grab information from data repositories, replacing 6 different tools.
We had to assemble the data, originally in documents called AIPS/AIPI, into a new database formalism made for maintaining the torque values and parts database up-to-date, and provide on-field solution for workers.


The system itself is composed by:

  1. A repository of all torque values for all components used in AIRBUS
  2. A web-app to manage and enter new values/materials/bolts/nutes etc…
  3. An algorithm to detect « collisions » in torque values and propose better alternatives.
  4. An API to connect intelligent tools
  5. A report-generator of the jobs already done.