🏦 STB e-Banking Solution

A web and mobile front e-banking solution


The STB, a leading Tunisian banking company, wanted to add e-banking and mobile banking capabilities to their existing banking offering. Especially to provide convenience of use to their customers and lower the operations cost.


The main purpose behind the launching of online banking services is to provide customers with an alternative, more responsive and with less expensive options. With options just a click away, customers would have more control than ever. They expect real-time answers and superior usability. They also want personal attention and highly customized products and services. The focus of an e-business in the banking world must always be on the customer.


During my mission with Pixels Trade, we successfully understood the STB situation and went on-site working side-by-side with their teams. The production process was structured as follows:

  1. Concept & Design: Identifying the key ressources and business processes to use, model them and design an agile workload planning.

  2. Development: Digitalization of the processes, ressources and formulas through webservices, which we connected with specifically-designed web and mobile apps.

  3. Security Testing: During the whole development process, we were working with security directives from the STB and Vasco in order to ensure that no holes were left behind: this particular phase uncovered multiples weak areas that we corrected

  4. Go Live: Rollout of the solution, in three steps: Web, Mobile and a special Smart TV version for bank branches.

The Best e-banking solution 2016 was awarded to the STB during the challenge of the banking sector

— organized by the Tunisian Association of Banks and Financial Institutions (APTBEF) on the occasion of the 5th edition of The event "Droidcon 2016"

Next Steps

  • Extension to a wider audience, like offereing advanced services for professional users (stock market, batch processes etc.)
  • These initiatives have C-Level buy-in and allow the STB to sustain a competitive advantage in the future.