👶 Pixinou

An online game store for children

About Pixiniou

Pixiniou is a platform of educational games for children, a kids universe created by grown-up kids.

This platform, created by young developers and graphic designers, was launched to offer children a range of fun educational games participating in the development of their senses and thinking skills.

It is a kind of universe that aims to facilitate the process of education for the little ones, while playing and reading stories.

Knowing the benefits of advanced web technologies, Pixinou was developed based on HTML5 which is a standard language for all new platforms.

These applications are available on several platforms (Web, iPhone, iPad and Android) and are multilingual (Arabic, French and English).

Applications and games in the Pixinou universe are designed to helps kids to get to know the world around them, and allows young players to work 3 of their senses: touch, sight and hearing.

Planets of the universe

  • The human body: has 2 games allowing the child to learn the different components of his body and his face.

  • A profession of the future: the little one will be led to slip the names of trades under their respective figures.

  • Animals: several animals are arranged on the page and the child must correctly place their names.

  • The world: has 2 games where the child will be able to discover not only the flags of the countries but also the names of the continents.