💸 Bip Cashless System

A B2B2C POS app for event checkin and cashless payments


As an outsider of cashless solutions during events, Bip Events was looking for a secure, dedicated, easy configurable device that has no street value.

  • Dedicated device: a professional device that is locked to one chosen application
  • Flexible and resilient: a device able to face network and power failures
  • Security: a device to process financial transactions during events
  • Easy-to-deploy: fleets of devices that are easy configurable for short 2-day events


The versatile, mobile transactional Android NFC device with an embedded Secure Element and an external SAM. Festival goers are given a bracelet equipped with a NFC chip and retailers are equipped with the Android devices. Festival goers can then make any payment with their NFC wristbands and are able to top up credit onto this electronic wallet. This payment solution enables:

  • Offline transactions in case of network outage.
  • Better till management: No cash management, stop juggling between several means of payment, no risk of hands in the till, automatic financial reporting.
  • Less safety issues: thefts, lost of wallets, etc.

Higher customer spend by 30%
Increased customer experience thanks to a clear and transparent communication and no queuing.


“We believe that eliminating the circulation of cash at festivals, making everything digital or virtual, helps us to have more interesting insights about how the public behaves. We create a digital user’s profile, with whom we can interact more. This is only the beginning! We are sure that, in the following years, this technology will grow faster and what we really wanted was to start as soon as possible!”