Karim Hamrouni

I've always been drawn to the overlap between design and development. My skills are broad: R&D, design, fullstack development etc. I enjoy each aspect, and love building web & mobile apps from start to finish, for clients all over the world.

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About me

I live in France where I jointly received my Masters of Engineering from PolytechNice & ESPRIT on the topic of WEB and Embedded Systems.

I create things, some of which are beautiful and interesting.

I'm the CTO of BIP Events, a startup focusing on Cashless technologies.

I'm also building Plink ;) a beautiful unicorn on my own.

My current interests are: industrial design, the WEB with a big W, holistic engineering, machining, caravaning design and modification, hacking consumer electronics, color print, photography, drawing. Oh yeah, and Sciences.

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